European Aerosol Conference 2023


European Aerosol Conferences (EAC) are annually organized by the European Aerosol Assembly (EAA). Following previous meetings of this series, EAC2023 will take place in Malaga (Spain) on September 3-8, 2023.

The conference welcomes participants from all over the world to share their research and experience on aerosols.

The aim of EAC2023 is to bring together scientists, engineers, researchers, companies, institutions and users involved in science, technology, impact, measurements, and characterization of aerosols either coming from natural sources or having anthropogenic origin. Recent advances on atmospheric aerosols, indoor aerosols, health effects & medical devices, aerosol technology, instrumentation or basic aerosol processes form the main core of the conference topics.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Malaga.

Jose L. Castillo, Ignacio G. Loscertales, and Pedro L. Garcia-Ybarra
EAC2023 Co-Chairs

Contact the EAC2023 Organizers at EAC2023@dfmf.uned.es